Triple P gives you the opportunity to import directly from South East Asia without any worries. An affordable and great solution for all your import needs from South East Asia. Triple P takes your worries away and makes sure you get exactly what you have ordered in the right quality at the right time and for the right price.

Triple P (Pacific Packaging Production) stands for:
- European quality standards
- Fast and clear communication
- Correct delivery times
- Environmental attention
- Quality control
- Correct delivery

Cost control

With Triple P you import your goods risk free for the right price. At Triple P we combine giving you the exact prices (could even be in your own currency), delivery times, volume and shipping information. In this way you can import your own goods without any risks and hidden costs. Also traveling to Asia is not necessary, Triple P does it for you, which saves money and time!


Own sourcing

Triple P has contacts with many manufacturers throughout South East Asia, all of these manufacturers are trustworthy. If you are looking for a product we do not have in our database than we will source it for you. We will find you the right supplier who can deliver the right quality for the right price. Besides sourcing the product we also check the following:
- Make sure there is no child labor
- Make sure the working environment for the staff is within the regulations
- Make sure that the manufacturer harms the environment as little as possible
- Make sure that the manufacturer delivers the right quality

  • No worries
    Triple P takes your worries away, as we are based locally with our own offices in South East Asia. For that reason we can control the whole process on sight. We can check your goods ourselves before they are shipped to you. You tell us which product you want to import, Triple P does the work.

    The employers of Triple P are European and speak your languages (Dutch, English & German). Besides speaking the languages from Europe, they also speak the local languages here in South East Asia. Due to this there is no language barrier, and let's be honest: how easy is it to speak with us in your own language and we speak with the suppliers in their language! 


We are far away, but still so close! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our sales department for more information.

Featured product

Stretch film

Stretch film is used worldwide by many companies to protect their goods during transport and storage.