Triple P works together with the best sleeve manufacturers in Asia. We can have these completely tailormade for you.


Triple P supplies excellent quality garbage bags. Any given size, thickness and color is possible!


Cratebags, as the name already says, are used in crates. Triple P can supply these bags in LDPE & HDPE. 


Stretch film is used worldwide by many companies to protect their goods during transport and storage.


Carrierbags are widely used by consumers and business around the world. A solid and luxery carrierbag is the ideal piece of advertising for you business. 


Disposable aprons are widely used within the food industry. Triple P co-operates with one of the best manufacturers in disposables aprons. Color, shape, size and thickness are up ...


Disposables are used worldwide every day by millions of people. Disposables are the products you use a single time and dispose after use.


The possibilities with Triple P are endless. With years of expierence in China and other countries in the South East Asian region, we have a huge database of qualified suppliers ...


Gloves from Latex & Nitrile are widely used in daily life, both in the food industry as well as in the medical industry.